Lampo Sp60 38 TV stand by Sangiacomo

Click and discover the Lampo Sp60 38 Sangiacomo model: this wooden TV unit is one of the most original solutions for the living room.

Lampo Sp60 38 TV stand by Sangiacomo: furniture designed for design living rooms, from our collection of Sangiacomo wooden home furnishings

In a practically infinite choice of fascinating accessories for the living room, the multifunctional TV stands hold great importance. TV stands enhance the interior spaces, furnish the area, and provide you with the opportunity to make use of a multifunctional surface in the living room. If you are looking for a proposal with high-quality wooden TV stands, in our store, you can see and touch the most exclusive solutions from the Sangiacomo brand. To embellish your home with style, especially if you already have designer furniture, rely on us and we will show you the best models of TV stands available on the market. Among the various wooden TV stands from the brand, the model visible in the photo will certainly satisfy you: enhance your living room with functionality and style.

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