Monolith 04 TV cabinet by Extendo

Click and get information on the Monolith 04 TV stand by Extendo: made of glass, it is the ideal choice for modern spaces.

An infinite number of modern TV cabinets made of glass awaits you together with the Monolith 04 model

This proposal with a glass TV stand, among Extendo's most exclusive compositions, is suitable for furnishing a living room of great aesthetic value. The Extendo Monolith 04 glass TV stand elegantly and functionally furnishes spaces, giving you the opportunity to design them at their best and be comfortable. Extendo offers different versions of modern TV stands, which make the walls of the living area always beautiful and well-organized. TV stands are multifunctional furniture pieces and only with the help of a good model of stand can the living room be best arranged. The Extendo Monolith 04 glass TV stand is perfect for being inserted in different types of living rooms, thanks to its refined style and great technological features.

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